stage 9: North Frisia

River Vidå (Dk) to River Ribe Å (DK)

Length: 85 km (50 miles) in 5 stages

Terrain: flat

From the River Vidå to the River Ribe Å. Hiking the outer southwest of Jutland of Denmark to the town of Ribe, a trading town founded to attract the rich Frisian trade of the Early Middle Ages.

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Trail Directions

section 9.1: Havneby - Toftum (PM)

section 9.2: Toftum - Brøns (PM)

section 9.3: Brøns - Rejsby (PM)

section 9.4: Rejsby - Egebæk (PM)

section 9.5: Egebæk - Ribe (PM)

Ribe town is the end of the Frisa Coast Trail. You made it!