The total length of the trail is 2,220 kilometres, about 1,380 miles. The trail is modulated to an average walker, so each day generally is between 20 and 25 kilometres. Reckon if you're a thru-hiker about 100 days of walking.

This long-distance trail follows the coastline of former Frisia. It explores the places that Frisians roamed and exploited according to the old sources.

The coastline is essentially a delta. The Nile Delta but in a more humid climate. Yes, Frisia is a delta. Of rivers, creeks, dunes, islands, inlets, bays, sandbanks, beaches, (former) peat lands, (former) woods and tidal marshlands. The delta is so huge that it drains a large part of the European Continent and it therefore spans several countries.

Maps and Charts

The first nautical charts in northern Europe were created in the region of (former) Frisia. This because navigation in the tidal water was particular dangerous. The first charts were quite simple representations but with the large-format atlas Spieghel van de Zeevaerdt by the Westfrisian (born Enkhuizen) Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer, published in AD 1584-1585, cartography made a huge step forward. For the first time the coast of Frisia was properly mapped (and the rest of the world too).

chart 1 - from Flanders (right) to the River Ems (left) 

chart 2 -  region Noord Holland w. region Westfriesland (right) and (part of) region Friesland (left) 

chart 3 - region Groningen (right) and region Ostfriesland (left) 

chart 2 - Noord Holland (right) and (part of) Friesland (left) 

chart 4 - German Bight with (fRtL) regions Ostfriesland, Butjadingen, Land Wursten, Dithmarschen and Nordfriesland

chart 5 - region Nordfriesland (right) and region southern Jutland (left) 

Trail Map

If the charts above are too unpractical for you to hike the Frisia Coast Trail, we have provided for an up-to-date Google Map with the trail. All different stages and sections seperately available, including walking distance. Also, we have added different layers to the map with places of (historic) interest, lighthouses, nature parks, trail accommodation etc.


Following the very nature of the coast, we decided to split the hike by the rivers that subdivide the delta, and historically subdivided the different regions of Frisia. In total there are 9 stages to cover. 


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Here we go!