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Did you dance with the blue light, yet?

Want some magic while walking the Frisia Coast Trail? If you happen to walk the beach at night, expect the unexpected. Sure, you might see some elves and trolls, but we talk about a mesmerizing blue light in sea… following your footsteps.

Spooky? No, it is magical! And great fun! It is called Sea Sparkle.

It is officially called Noctiluca scintillans. Yeah, like you care.

It is actually not specific to the North Sea coast. It is widely distributed throughout the world along the coasts. Especially, in estuaries.

There are two conditions favorable for the blue shiny light.

You are most likely to observe this phenomena...

  1. During the spring and early summer.

  2. In shallow waters.

Shallow waters receive plenty of light, which promotes the growth of the phytoplankton. Yep, that makes up a large portion of the diet of Sea Sparkle.

These are some images from around Katwijk, the place where Wilfrid entered the Frisian coast to ask for asylum from Aldgisl.

Have fun and get yourself used to the idea with this video!

Can't get enough?

Studio Roosengaarde took it one level higher. They created a piece of art using this natural phenomenon. They called it GLOWING NATURE. It is exhibited at the Afsluitdijk, a long dike straight through the sea, dividing sweet from salt water. It is part of the Frisia Coast Trail stage 4. Read the hike description here.

Have a preview here what studio Roosengaarde made of it.

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